Burlington, VT


All of Lindsey’s works are made from 100% post-consumed paper, from L.L.Bean catalogues to Vermont Life calendars. 

Collage Prices:

Original made just for you: $285 (for 8”x10”), contact for special sizes

Original for you with rights to reprint: $185 (for 8”x10”), contact for special sizes

Matted 8x10 giclée print: $40

Framed 8x10 giclée print: $75

5x4 Cards Available (reprints): $2 each or $10 for 6.

Flashbags: $30 (small), $35 (medium), $40 (large)

Custom cards, invitations, etc available upon request: contact for pricing

All prints are 8x10 unless otherwise marked

Recycled Art - Collage